Thank you Fun for helping me clarify my vision and identify the areas for improvement.  The reflections you have put me through have flushed out the attitudes and bad habits that I have never considered before.  That has helped me gain insights; breaking through my own limitations.  Without the weekly reviews with you, holding me accountable to my own actions, I would not have progressed.  I am very encouraged by the positive feedback and the invaluable suggestions you have given me. – Janice Chan, Financial Consultant, Singapore

There are so many benefits from being coached and I can’t list them all so here are some of the more important points:

  • Coaching makes me think and identify what is most important, voice out my needs/problems/targets openly and provides me with the means to analyse them.
  • Fun works with me to figure out the possible solutions or plans to meet my needs, solve problems and achieve set targets.
  • She reviews the progress of my plans with me from time to time and encourages me by showing me how to look at things in a positive way.
  • Fun shares her stories of successes and failures as part of a learning process

–          V. Leung, Business Manager, CPA, Hong Kong

The coaching sessions are great. Fun is attentive and positive. It allows me to express my thoughts and hear it from myself. As they say, “if you don’t say what you think, you don’t know how it sound”. –  E. Baba, Business Owner, Singapore