Workplace Coaching

Invest 3 months of coaching to help you meet your goals in:

– improving managerial skills
– managing your boss and staff better
– motivating yourself
– picking up new skill
– improve relationships at the workplace
– having better time management
– improving sales & business
– getting leads
– better customer relations
– and more

A typical coaching programme stretches over 12 weeks of one-hour session a week and could be tailored to meet individual’s schedule and preferences; face-to-face or via other medium such as Skype or over the phone.  Invest 3 months of your time to see results.

Start a coaching session with me and allow me to help you succeed through a brain-based coaching methodology by demystifying how the brain works.  Use the knowledge to your advantage.  Call NOW for an appointment.

If you are not sure, come for an obligation-free coaching session with me and see if I could help.

Call +65-93379308 NOW for an appointment.

Or, email:

For Group Workplace Coaching Programme, download brochure here –>



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