Life Coaching

Life is a journey of ups and downs and there may be times when everything comes together in chaos.  That is a time when you start looking for clarity and guidance, wishing for a supportive ear to help you seek the “right” path.  You are looking for direction to chart the next step.

If your want to:

– improve relationships
– be happy
– perform better at work
– increase effectiveness
– find your passions
– be a better person
– get clarity
– resolve a dilemma
– and others

and don’t know how, allow me to help you succeed in meeting your goals through a brain-based coaching methodology.  It will demystify how the brain works and you could use the knowledge to your advantage.

A typical coaching programme stretches over 12 weeks of one-hour session a week and could be tailored to meet individual’s schedule and preferences; face-to-face or via other medium such as Skype or over the phone.  Invest 3 months of your time to see results.

Call NOW for an obligation-free trial session and see how I may help you.

Tel: +65-93379308  for an appointment or e-mail:


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