Coaching has started to gain momentum in Asia.  Particularly in Singapore, the public is now more aware of the importance of coaching in the pursuit of self-development not only in the workplace but also the other areas of their lives.

Coaching helps individuals to understand themselves better by going through a process of self examination and identifying the areas for change.  Goal setting is a very powerful tool lending purpose and direction for sustainable change.  Working with a coach provides coachees the focus on their goals to ensure success.

In workplace coaching, the programme targets managers and supervisors, helping them to use coaching conversations to illicit better performance, form more effective teams and improve problem-solving skills, communication and relationships within the workplace.

Workplace coaching may either be done individually or in small groups.

Infinite Potential offers both life and workplace coaching.  For more details please click onto the respective coaching types below.

Life Coaching
Workplace Coaching

Infinite Potential also works with other coaches to deliver Parent Coaching and Public Speaking programmes.  Details will be added soon.

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