Hi, my name is Yip Lee Fun, Fun for short.  I am a personal life and workplace coach.  I start up the coaching business and called it Infinite Potential because I strongly believe in the unlimited untapped potential in all of us.  This arouses my interest in neuroscience specifically in certain areas: brain plasticity, learning abilities, brain development, emotional influences on the brain, meditation and their effects on the brain, etc.

Coaching, to me, is a means to use all these and other related knowledge to help people realize their dreams, passions, potential and life purpose.  Coaching could lead to transformational change.   The only constant thing in change is change.  Having mastery in embracing change is the key to maintaining a balanced and happy life and, hence acquiring this skill is of utmost importance.

The purpose of this site is to fulfill my passion in promoting positive psychology and personal well-being through the coaching process.  Since having started coaching, I have gained tremendous insights in the power of brain-based coaching system and witnessed the wonders it has brought to many people.

I am a strong believer of positive thinking and the benefits derived from its constant conscious application and practices.  For some time now, I have been researching the various related fields and hope to share these knowledge, information and experiences with people who are keen to pursue personal transformation by reaching within themselves.  Success can only be attained through courageous and honest self reflection and it begins with you.

I recognize that this is not an easy journey.  Like everyone else, I have my own challenges and having gone through the coaching process in dealing with the issues, I realize the importance of self-directed transformation with the help of a coach.

Having self-confidence, being happy, having inner peace and conscious positive thinking are just parts of the transformation process to be successful in whatever we want for ourselves.

I am reaching out to like-minded people in joining me in the collective effort to promote positivity and the pursuit of happiness for a better tomorrow.  I hope you will enjoy visiting my site so that we all can progress together and support each other in building and maintaining healthier body, mind and soul.

I would be happy to connect with you and support you in your challenges.


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