Pushing the Envelope

If you limit your choices to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise. ~Robert Fritz

When I read this quote by Robert Fritz, I could not help asking myself if this is what I have been doing – compromising myself.  Have you?  I am not surprised if you do because most of us take the easy way out.  Why push yourself so hard?  Life is to be enjoyed.  But do you get what you want and hope to become?

Is it possible for me to be a good teacher?  Yes, it is but you must acquire the knowledge.  Is it possible for me to be rich?  Yes, you can but you need to learn how to make your money grow.  And so forth…

When you are not pushing against the envelope you are not growing.  Becoming stagnant is worse than death because, whether you realize it or not, life becomes less meaningful, listless and boring without a purpose.

People who are on drugs crave for something different.  They probably feel inadequate and unfulfilled.  They want to feel the high but do not know how or want to work for it and both you and I know there is no free meal.  You need to work for what you want and get the satisfaction and the high you are hoping to feel.

Nothing that is exciting and challenging does not have an element of risk.  Take bungee jumping for an example.  Is it exciting?   Is it risky?  Yes on both accounts.  If that is what you really want to do, you take the risk.

If you are not prepared to take some risk, preferring to take the safe routes others have travelled, you would not gain much.  Prepare for the challenge and you will find that new ideas flooding your mind.  It does not matter that some of these thoughts are fear-based.   You need that feeling to energize you into action.

Too often we stop ourselves from doing certain things deemed risky and yet we moan of not having the opportunity.  It is not because there is no opportunity but that we choose not to make the choice.  The truth is we want the goods but are not willing to pay the price.

Take a little quiet moment and ask yourself what were the things you wish to have accomplished but didn’t?  Write down all the reasons for not doing them.  What would it take for you to do them?  What fears do you have?  Are these fears justifiable?  How probable are they?

The thing with fear is that it only happens in your head.  You are entertaining the possibilities that may not even materialize.  Fears have their purposes though.  They help you to plan better by anticipating all the possibilities – good and bad – but you should not allow them to take you over.  The more you focus on what could go wrong, all the things that could go wrong will go wrong.

Pushing your envelope means looking at your fears and move pass them to forge ahead.  What does not appear possible or reasonable, can and will become more so by the minute when you start thinking them through eliminating all the excuses one at a time.  Try this out today and stop comprising yourself for what you can become.


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