What is your Wealth Profile?

Everybody wants to become wealthy and by default means rich but most do not know how to get there.  Know your wealth profile and half your battle is won; without it, you might be groping in the dark for the right break.  That may sound simplistic and if you hear Gary Goy talks about how you may gain from knowing your wealth profile, you may want to go and do the test immediately.

When I first met Gary Goy, he was introduced to me as a Wealth Coach.  Now that is a more remote coaching type than all the other aspects of coaching I have come across.  But then it could just be me.  Gary is a man of few words and I was not quite able to grasp the essence of what wealth coaching is all about until… I was invited to listen to him talk – The Secrets Formula to Create Massive Wealth – and that changed everything.  With that little insight, it has given me lots to think about and I am ready to jump in with two feet to take the test.

We all have heard and may have done several different types of profiling tests in our life times but not a wealth profile.   All profiling tests return with a written report but many a time you are puzzled by the implication and really wanted someone to help you decipher the hidden code.  Otherwise what that report is, is just a report.  What would be the point if you do not know how to make use of it or worse, find the tenacity to practise the activities the report advises?

This is where Gary comes in.  Gary represents Wealth Dynamics, the creator of the profiling system.  If you take the test through him and with a little extra, he will go through the report, explain in detail the implications of your profile, answer all your questions and, if you want, get him to coach you.

Gary is a great speaker.  He delivers the talk in a very interesting and interactive way that makes the participants hanging at the edge of their seats for more.  The near-3-hour talk gave a broad introduction of the wealth profile model and if you want to get into depth you can opt to take his 2-day seminar targeted for end May.

The Wealth Dynamics Profiling defines eight profiles arranged around a square and that somehow reminds me of the Bagua or Eight Trigrams in Feng Shui (see below).  No wonder, the reference to the I-Ching Trigrams is mentioned in the Wealth Dynamics official website.

The 8 wealth profiles are Creator, Star, Supporter, Deal Maker, Trader, Accumulator, Lord and Mechanics.  Each of these profiles has their strengths and weaknesses.  All of us have traits associated to a few of these profiles but there will be one more predominant than others.  That profile is the one you should focus on building and maximize the strengths with. Contrary to beliefs, you should not try to concentrate and build up your weaknesses as this will drain your energy working on something you are not naturally good at.  Instead go find someone whose strengths complement you.  Using the Wealth Dynamics model not only help you to find out your core strengths but also allow you to build a solid team by learning to figure out how to get the best mix of people to work with you.

At the talk, the event organizer, Vivian Wong of Caveman International, gave her testimonial of how things have changed for her since she has taken the test with Gary.  You can see the passion she exuded when she gave her testimonial.

What do people like Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Richard Branson and Warren Buffett have in common?  You are right, Wealth.  Want to know what their wealth profiles are and do you have anything in common with them?  Take the test and talk to Gary to find out more.

More important, if you are starting out on your own as an entrepreneur, you should know your wealth profile to maximize your potential and avoid the pitfalls to ensure and retain your wealth in business.  Don’t miss out on what you could become.


If you want to hear Gary Goy’s talk on “The Secret Formula to Create Massive Wealth” go here to sign up.  The talks run weekly till end May 2010.  Or contact Gary directly:

Mobile:  +65-94245030    or    Email: garygoy2008@gmail.com


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