Everything Starts with You

No matter the outcome is good or bad, everything starts with you.  If you think it is good, it is good and if you think it is bad, it would not turn out good.  I am sure you have heard this: what you think is what you are.  That is precisely why coaching always starts working on you first and primarily the way you think.

Coaching works on the inner self: self-awareness, self-reflection, self-management and self-direction.  The focal point in coaching is on creations – of visions, ideas, solutions, plans, actions – all towards uplifting and inspiring thoughts.  Remember, negativity saps your energy while positivity energizes you.  The focus on new inspiring goals propels you forward.

I have the opportunity to spend an entire day with my cousin’s children.  Something I must say I have never done before for some strange reason.  It turned out to be very insightful and interesting day.  They are lovely kids although when they started on their tricks you wonder why you have ever thought them wonderful.  At ages 5 and 8, they could tire you out easily with endless questions and amazing observational power.

However, one thing that stuck out was, one of them, tended to over use the word “tired”:  “I am tired”, “I am tired of waiting”, “I am tired of standing”, etc. and his entire body language reflects his words exactly.  He slumps.  The power of thought is so well demonstrated here.  Wherever the thoughts go, the body follows and they, the thoughts, affect how we see things.  So your thoughts affect not only your emotions but also your physical being.  Everything becomes too much effort, uninteresting and energy saps.

Here is one of Thomas Leonard’s quote:

Focusing on the problem reinforces it.  Focus on the results, problems will take care of themselves.

Coaching forces the coachees to reflect on solutions and not problems so that they get energized with possibilities and set new goals.  Get immerse wholly on the goals leaves no room for negativity.  When we are energized, we feel like supermen and -women.  Nothing is unachievable.  You are on your road to success.

I would like to share this little video clip (below) by John Assaraf who also appeared in the movie “The Secret”.  I like his analogy in this video; the intensity of the sun’s power when passing through a magnifying glass is like a laser that could cut through stainless steel.   That intensity of the sun’s beam is like our focus on our goals.  The more we focus on our goals, the more likely we will succeed.  The key point here is that the more you focus on your goals, over time, you will change from the inside out.  That is the power of your thoughts.

Everything starts with you and your thoughts. So start observing what thoughts go through your mind everyday and change it to a more positive one whenever you notice you are not.  The circumstances do not matter as much as what you think and how you act on them.  We cannot control our environment but we can manage our thoughts – how we want to respond.  It is this response that shapes you and it begins with you.  Keep focusing on what is “right” for you and enjoy your successes.

I hope you will like this video as much as I do.


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