Are you a Great Trainer?

I never really thought about what makes a good trainer until I attended the T. Harv Eker’s “Train the Trainer” 5-day training at the Singapore Expo from 2731 January 2010 organized by Success Resources.

That was an awesome experience! The energy that vibrated the entire conference room filled with nearly 300 people was so amazing.  Blair Singer, the master coach at the training, was extremely inspiring.  He was able to hold the attention of the participants throughout those five days from nine in the morning right into the night ending close to midnight.  That is not something you and I could easily do without some intensive training.  He gave some very interesting tips and allowed everyone the opportunity to practise what were taught.

You could actually see and feel the transformation in the participants; on the first day everyone was sober, serious and purposeful but all left, at the end of five days appearing more joyful, confident, inspired, liberated and energized. Not only is Blair Singer a fantastic presence on stage during the training, he also comes across as being very authentic, filled with a passion for teaching and sharing.

This was the first time I actually attended a live inspiring seminar.  I did not know what to expect but certainly not this.  The moving true life stories told by Blair and some of the participants really brought tears to our eyes.  It was not just about training but training with and from the heart that made that entire programme so different and inspiring.

Blair shared the training process, how to drive energy into the room, how to engage the audience, what is the “meat” of the training, about giving value, how to make money from working with passion, about continuous upgrading and learning, about having the right intention, etc. Two of the main things that I took with me from the seminar are:

  • Earn the right to teach – You need to have some substance and experience on the subject to teach to come across as being authentic and able to add value.
  • Teach what you want to learn – The more you teach, the more you learn.  Our passion for learning is the driving force in our teaching.  You cannot be effective in your teaching if you do not wish to learn.

There are many things to absorb and practise, to polish and be better.  If you are interested to become a superb trainer you may want to check out these websites and their programmes:



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