Mindmapping Your Ideas

Mind mapping is fascinating with the wiggling curves, colourful text and images.  It is a genius tool according to Tony Buzan the inventor of Mind maps.  He has developed his own mind mapping software – the iMindmap, an alternative to the better known MindManager.

I love mind maps and use it extensively for problem solving, brainstorming, remembering (studying for exams), report preparation, presentation and many others.  Mind maps are supposed to mimic your brain’s thinking patterns and thus help in creativity by joining the dots of connectedness and related ideas, leaving no stone unturned.  You can also improve your productivity using mind maps.  You may want to listen to this interview with Chuck Frey:


Over the years, I have been using various mind mapping software and the first one was MindManager.  It is a well-developed software with rich connecting features to other applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Project.  I have also experimented with other freeware such as Freemind.  Though less sophisticated it provides the basic mind mapping features that can still prove fairly useful.

iMindmap, the official mind mapping solution by Tony Buzan came out about a few years ago but is catching up fast in functionality and connectivity with its rapid developments.  It is equally interesting and perhaps better value for money.

There are people who find mind maps hard to read perhaps only because they do not have an understanding of its workings and hence benefits.  For a better appreciation of mind maps, I will leave it to Tony Buzan to explain in his own words:

If you want to try iMindmap go to:  http://www.imindmap.com.

Other mind mapping software to explore:


For news on mind mapping, you may also want to check out this site:


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