Change Motivation

How often have we set goals for ourselves to find that we either have not started or completed them. We tell ourselves we have to be determined and disciplined but the moment daily activities become overwhelming, we forgot about our goals and once we get off the focus point, it stays unfocused – out of sight, out of mind.

One common issue I have found in the cause of coaching is that most realised they are not that motivated to accomplish anything. Often people are contented with what they have and do not want to disturb their comfort zone which could be due to various reasons. The underlying reason could be fear of failure but is camouflaged by excuses such as no time, don’t have the right training or experience, etc.

Motivation is driven from two angles: internal and external. The majority of us is more reactive than proactive and therefore more reliant on external motivation for change. External motivation usually have a negative connotation and leaves a feeling of helplessness and despair.

For internal motivation to happen, there must be strong desire which often takes place after some serious self-reflection. Self-reflection is not something many do since it is as difficult and scary as change itself because they are afraid to confront their fears. However, being self-aware allows us to feel more in control with our lives. Being more relaxed can lead to positive and creative solutions and help us better manage unanticipated changes.

Change is scary.  Change is hard.  It requires courage, self-knowledge and thinking abilities to overcome the fear of uncertainty and failure.

The question is: Can we stop change? How do we handle changes in our lives? Can we ever be prepared enough?

Someone once shared this with me “The Change that is most certain is change itself”.  There is no escaping change.   The crux of the matter is whether it is a change that is anticipated or not; a change that is welcomed or not; a change that is feared or not, and so forth.  Any change that does not align with personal comfort incite negative emotions.

Whatever the change may be we need to deal with them. We may never be totally prepared but having the right frame of mind and constantly working proactively with the environment can relieve some of the effects of unexpected changes.

Have you ever asked how prepared are you?


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