Work Life Balance

The pressure of every day life is causing such a havoc no one seems to be able to find the appropriate balance between work and time for themselves.  Talk to anyone and they will give you a long list of their woes on their work-life balance – basically there is no balance at all.

Flip the newspapers and you will see that productivity is down!  Yet on the other hand, it is reported that we need to have work-life balance.  To me, productivity and the work-life balance equation is a big misnomer.  Or, is it?

Being productive, I hope, does not mean putting in more hours but producing more in the same time frame.  By not being productive would mean that we are not working more creatively, using more of our brawn than our brains.  So, by working smarter we should be enjoying better work-life balance but is this how it works?

Increasingly organizations are expecting more from their employees and for those who travel in their jobs, they are putting in an enormous amount of time not appropriately considered in the work-life balance equation.  That is just part of the job.  Modern technology is not helping in this area with the always-on availability concept, you are never “off” work.  There goes the balance.

However, there are ones who abuse the work related travel to include a lot of “self-entertainment” making it difficult to implement a good policy to address this issue.  Hence, as a responsible employee yearning for a work-life balance, one will have to work on their own plan to ensure that they are able to do that by making some changes to their lifestyle and getting an agreement from their supervisors.

That said, the employee needs to know the limits he/she is willing to take that will not affect their home life and be courageous enough to bring this to the attention of their employer.  Far too often, people prefer to suffer in silence for fear of losing their jobs.  This often happens when there is no clear cut job description, responsibility, authority and expectation outlined or if there is, it is not always honored by the employers.  Responsible employers are those who encourage their employees to live a balanced work-life through  leading by examples, consistently applied and showing concern with the their employees’ lives outside the office.

As they say, it takes two to clap.  If you cannot find an employer you enjoy working with and trust, perhaps it is time to reconsider your job options.  You cannot change what your organization is but you can change your job or employer.  Take action for how you want to lead your life and not let someone else control your life.  Yes, this is a big step but it may be worth considering especially if you life depends on it.

If this is your dilemma, what do you plan on doing?  What are your options?  What are you prepared to do about this?  What are the other considerations?  How prepared are you to take the next steps?  Do you have a plan of action – short-term and long-term?  Who else will be affected by this?  Who have you discussed this with, if at all?

If this is the time to look at this, who will you talk to?  Well, consider talking to a coach to help you through this and you may discover something else about yourself you never knew.

Contact me for a trial session to see if you could explore and find a way to deal with this.

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