Do you know what your Passions are?

We all talk about our passions every now and then but do we really know what our passions are.  We say we are passionate about this and that.  Are we really?  How often have we thought about our passions?  Some people live in their passions and they are usually those who are successful and I do not necessarily mean people who are rich either.  The problem is in defining what is passion and success because these mean different things for different people.  What is yours?  Have you really thought about it?

Defining your passions and successes require a conscious mind – involving deep thinking.  Some people think that they are clear about their passions but yet cannot find happiness in what they do.  Then they are not living their passions.  This is according to Janet and Chris Attwood in The Passion Test.

Many people lead their lives through others by being what others (parents, teachers, spouses, etc.) told and wanted them to be because that is what they are good at.  Perhaps that is what they are good at but it is not necessary what they want to be deep down and they cannot be happy being what they do not really care about.

Recognizing this, Janet Attwood devises a system to help you reflect and self-discover your true passions.  However, discovering your true passions (which could change from time-to-time) is only the first step toward self transformation.  It elicits a conscious decision about what your life is all about and if you are willing to move toward them with the first step.

Transformation takes a lot of courage because you will face a lot of uncertainty but transformation does not need to be instantaneous and can be done in baby steps.  The most important step is the first step – discover and decide.

In the book “The Passion Test”, Janet and Chris Attwood take you through the steps you could and should take toward living a life of your passions.  People living their lives of passions are happier and more successful.  The success part of it depends on your passions and is not necessarily measured by the amount of money you earn or the possessions you have.  If you passion is to become a loving, understanding and supportive mother, your success would be the measurement by which your children see and feel toward you.

Living in your passions you are not stressed into doing things that you do not care about and hence you are more relaxed.  That helps you to be more creative leading to more success.  Are you beginning to see how passion works?

You may want to work on your passion test with a coach so that you get better clarity in discovering what you want and allow your coach to help you through the challenging transformation process.

To find out more about The Passion Test, you may want to visit their website or read the book available at all major book stores.

Better yet, contact me for a trial coaching session to see how you can use the Passion Test to help you discover your passions.

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